She is losing a fortune by redecorating her bathroom floor with coins

The essentials A young woman proudly presented the makeover of her bathroom on her TikTok account, especially the floor, which she glued together from coins and covered with resin. But an observer and numismatic internet user spoiled his joy by discovering some collectibles …

It was enough to think about it, although it was not about her, but about her mother, who had long expressed a desire to walk on a floor of coins. As a result, Jordan collected and stored thousands of coppers for years until he had enough to cover the bathroom floor, as part of a complete renovation of that room in his home.

The young American proudly published photos and videos of the various phases of the site on her TikTok account and emphasized that beautiful things are not necessarily expensive. It only took him $ 77 in thousand cents (cents) and $ 300 of glue and resin to make his original floor. So good surgery? Not so sure…

Eight collectibles!

Among the often laudatory comments on his account, Jordan discovered that of an Internet user who will certainly regret not having been interested in numismatics anymore … Because he discovered a collector’s item in copper coins by carefully observing the soil discovered in 1943, that sold for $ 82,000!

“Maybe I made a big mistake …”

The young Californian then scoured her redesigned bathroom: It is not one, but eight “wheat pennies”, also known as “Lincoln cents”, collector coins minted between 1909 and 1956, which she froze in the glue and resin of her bathroom. Since the probability of these coins changing from day to day, Jordan doesn’t know exactly how much fortune she lost. “I may have made a huge mistake by not checking the pennies before sticking them on, but I didn’t know these coins could be that valuable,” she complained on her TikTok account

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