Some organs continue to function after death …

What happens after death? This question arouses great interest among scientists, but it could stay in the balance for the ages! However, once the heart stops beating, certain functions in our body continue to function.

In an interview with Medisite, Dr. Sapanet, the forensic pathologist returns to some post-mortem details, but also to some ideas that have been received. When our heart stops beating we are declared clinically dead, but some organs continue to live past our last breath of life. Explanations.

According to a study by the European Resuscitation Council, other organs still live for a while when the heart stops working. At least until they are no longer watered by the heartbeat. In addition, during organ donation, some “of the heart” must be removed immediately after death, as they must be alive to be transplanted.

What happens in the event of brain death?

In the case of “brain death” the opposite is also the case … The heart and lungs live for a few more days! And this is possible because the heart is a muscle that works on its “own” battery … As long as the blood is adequately supplied with oxygen, the heart continues to beat.

Be careful, the heart will keep beating only in patients who have been declared brain dead and are on artificial respirators. Heart and lung samples can be taken at this time! If the patient is in a state of “brain death”, no awakening is possible …

What about the brain

The brain can continue to function even after cardiac arrest! Some cardiac arrest patients were able to testify to a state of consciousness. The activity of the cerebral cortex slows down, but does not stop. This allows brain cells to continue to function. “Clinical death” is therefore not inevitable … Some resuscitated patients testify that they were conscious during their cardiac resuscitation and heard the caregivers’ conversations!

The brain can continue to function even after cardiac arrest! Image credit: Shutterstock / Macrovector

What about the nails? What about the hair?

We often hear that nails and hair continue to grow for up to 6 months after death! This is not entirely the reality … The growth of nails and hair stops after death, but the dehydration of the skin gives the illusion that it will continue to grow. Blood must be added in order to grow hair, hair, or nails, so this is a preconceived idea!