Soon an Instagram for children?

The essential Instagram explains the word for a “kids” version. In particular, the social network provides a safe environment that is under the control of the parents.

Instagram plans to develop a version of its app for children under the age of 13. In an internal message from the American website BuzzFeedNews, the social network explains that it is working on a “children” version that will allow the creation of a safer environment under the control of parents.

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Like Facebook, Instagram is limited to users aged 13 and over. However, this age restriction seems to be redirected very easily and very regularly as it is very easy to falsify the date of birth at the time of registration.

63% of those under 13 have a social media account

A survey by the Générale Numérique association confirms this: 63% of under 13-year-olds have at least one social media account, and more than half of 11 to 14-year-olds are on Instagram. With the risks this entails: harassment, addiction to screens, dangerous encounters, etc.

Instagram wants to make Instagram more secure for teenagers, especially when it comes to personal information. This is one of the priority projects of its executives. In order to protect underage users, Instagram teams are not only thinking of implementing new measures, but also developing a specific version for people under the age of 13. In 2017, the group had already started a “Messenger Kids” app in which parents have to validate every conversation their child has with a new contact.

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“Children are increasingly asking their parents if they can join apps that they can use to keep in touch with their friends,” the Instagram manager said in a tweet.

This project is not only a protection for underage users but also strategically important for Instagram. The “kids” version would allow the group to capture users from an early age to counter competition from TikTok and Snapchat. At the moment, no date has been set for the start of these “Instagram kids”. Meanwhile, parents fear seeing younger and younger children spending hours on Instagram.

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