Sparwhale: A “buoy drone” that takes men out of the sea

With deconfination, sunny days that should return and swim in the sea or in ponds, drowning becomes a danger again for everyone … According to the reference site, 500 people die every year from drowning and the rescue service does not. only 3 minutes to intervene …

It is very short and sometimes the terms of accessing the site turn out to be complicated. Unfortunately, the emergency services do not have time to intervene. A new concept of an underwater drone that can navigate the steepest of spots could save many people’s lives. His name “Saver Whale”, the rescue whale, an ingenious system to know! Presentation.

A lifeguard drone at sea

The use of drones is gradually becoming more democratic and we have to admit that they can be of great use. Now drones are destroying wasp nests or transporting rescuers to Germany. Saver Whale delivers oxygen to the person in need in record time. But it can also help a person in a panic to hold on and rise to the surface!

The Saver Whale was designed by the Korean designer Lim Do-Hwi and features a waiting buoy. And it allows rescue workers to accurately geolocate the victim. It also helps to find corpses during a shipwreck, for example. If it’s called the Rescue Whale, it’s simply because it looks like the animal.

Dropped or judged, it can save lives

According to the Aquatic Lifeguard website, drowning happens in 3 minutes! 3 minutes is the time between the moment the water enters the victim’s lungs and cardiopulmonary arrest. Although this drone is controlled from a command post, it can also be dropped at sea by helicopter in order to reach the target as quickly as possible. He is completely autonomous in research! In fact, it has sonar, radio, and radar that can be used to find drowned people. And that without outside help.

Dropped or judged it can save lives! Photo credit: Lim Do-Hwi

The rescue teams only need to follow the spar whale to get an exact location of the victims. But that’s not all, the rescue drone has a first aid kit with a life jacket, rope, walkie-talkie and oxygen on board. Once the drone arrives at its destination, the distressed person can hold on to it while waiting for help. It can also drag the victim ashore. If the rescue is still not possible, the drone starts a network. This prevents the person from being carried away by the electricity.

A fan of Save Willy?

The designer was probably inspired by the movie Save Willy with this beautiful orca that everyone remembers. On his website, Behance, he explains: There are many stories of how orcas saved people at risk. “Saver Whale” is an underwater drone that pays homage to them.

Le Figaro explains in an article that drowning is the scourge of the summer months. “We regretted 1,649 drownings in 2018, or 30% more than in 2015, and 600 were fatal. For children under 6 years of age, the increase is 96% overall and 132% for private family pools alone, ”says Aymeric Ung, epidemiologist at Public Health France. There is an urgent need to find new solutions to save these people and Saver Whale could be one of them!

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