Starlink: Satellite Internet Will Be Compatible With RVs And Tiny Houses

While Space X has just started with the French Thomas Pesquet on board the international space station, Elon Musk is already on another ground. True to his habit of destroying announcements on Twitter, his favorite network, this time he’s talking about Starlink!

He just confirmed that SpaceX was aiming to deliver a fully mobile satellite solution by the end of the year. Thus, Musk’s cellular network will not be limited to the fixed Internet, but will also enable connection to remote areas. An internet solution that expands the range of motorhomes and backpackers! Internet anywhere and anytime – that is Elon Musk’s wish.

Starlink, internet access for everyone from 2021

Musk is therefore continuing to deploy its Starlink satellite internet network by installing new satellites 500km away from us! It wants to offer all remote areas broadband access that is similar to the quality of current fiber optics. But also to everyone who is “on the move”. These days, those who test Starlink must purchase a kit that includes an antenna and modem so that it can be permanently used.

But tomorrow, Musk wants to equip planes, boats, trucks, and RVs. Here is his statement: “Yes, it should be fully mobile within a year so you can move it anywhere or use it on a moving RV or truck. We need a few more satellite launches to get full coverage and some important software updates. “”

If a user has the standard Dishy McFlatface (not a new portable one), will users always be locked in one place or in the future? Or take one that you have in Iowa and take it to a studio in Texas 🤔

– Everyday Astronaut (@Erdayastronaut) April 15, 2021

There are currently no plans to equip Tesla vehicles as the box remains bulky and is therefore intended for vehicles with a large amount of space.

Internet in the motorhome today?

Nowadays there are different ways to use the internet in a motorhome. However, it often requires sharing the connection from your smartphone or a subscription-based 4G router. There is also the Internet via satellite solution, but it is still an expensive solution.

The cost of the material is $ 499. Photo Credit: No additional modem is required to share Starlink connections, and multiple connections can be made at the same time. For trips abroad, however, an extensive data plan and an unlocked SIM plan are required. 3G / 4G dongles are easy to use but can only accommodate one device. 3G / 4G routers are very convenient when traveling and can allow multiple connections at the same time. However, you need a top 4G network to avoid disruptions! The public WiFi network obviously remains the cheapest way to use the internet in a motor home. However, public connections are sometimes risky in terms of the security of your devices. The speeds are often limited. Internet via satellite, which allows access anytime, anywhere, but the system remains quite expensive and cumbersome.

Starlink may be the new, secure, and accessible way to access the internet in a motor home.

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