Stolen wood and looted forest in Ariège: Justice offers the opportunity to find the perpetrator (s)

Posted on 3/19/2021 at 6:29 pm, updated at 8:29 pm

Mainly 300 to 400 felled trees, stolen and missing wood, damage and environmental pollution, the owners of land in the forest of Perles-et-Castelet (Ariège) remain traumatized. The Foix prosecutor has taken up the case and is doing everything possible to find the perpetrators. Laurent Dumaine, the Foix prosecutor, did not hide the fact that he made it a priority file. While careful about the development of the investigation.

Laurent Dumaine is determined. The Foix prosecutor wants to shed light on the “Perles-et-Castelet affair”. Laurent Dumaine draws 300 to 400 trees, stolen wood, a devastated and polluted forest, traumatized owners (12 complaints have been filed so far) and takes stock of the progress of the investigations. With caution. “The theft crime is compounded by two …