“Stop it! Shut up!” : Claire Chazal is losing patience with Luc Ferry

Claire Chazal, France’s main guest on Monday April 26th, has lost patience with Luc Ferry’s comments on contemporary art. “Shut up! Shut up!” She said to him.

Luc Ferry, the former Minister of Education, was invited to the set of “Passage des Arts” in France 5, which Claire Chazal presented on Monday April 26th. The politician who presented his new book on the environment trusted to hate contemporary art. “I think it’s 99% a monstrosity of snobbery. People have to say it’s terrific because it costs so much and they get blown away by the batter. That’s it!” He explained.

“And he brags about it … It’s scary,” Claire Chazal laughed at the provocation at first. “Shut up! Shut up!”, She said, visibly sad.

“When you see one ridiculous thing from Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (the artist’s sculpture name, editor’s note) that sells for $ 53 million, the guys say to themselves, ‘Ah, if I don’t think that’s admirable, that I’m ac * n! ‘”continued Luc Ferry. “You have to tell the truth about it. It sells for a lot, so Dachs is impressed. It’s ‘capitalist art,’ said Schumpeter.”

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