Stop the massacre, wasps have many assets we don’t suspect!

It’s a fact ! We don’t like wasps! They hum, land on food, and most importantly, they stab and stick their arrows in your skin! Then dirty animals! But did you know that, like all insects found on our planet, they are of great importance for biodiversity …

More invasive, that wasp that comes to tackle your spring or summer picnics, isn’t it? If we do whatever we can to protect bees, we are more likely to try to catch wasps. So we’re making a mistake for nature! Discover the multiple benefits the wasp has for the planet!

The wasp descends from the bee!

A study published in the journal Biological Reviews states that there are 100,000 different species of wasps and that among them there are 70,000 parasites, so don’t bite them! For researchers, there are 22,000 different species of bees, which means that ultimately bees are wasps that no longer hunt.

As one of the study researchers explains, “It is a real shame that a relatively small group of wasps interferes not only with their own good predatory labor, but also interferes with the work of thousands of species of wasps around the world. “”

The ecological role of bees

Like the bee, the wasp has environmental benefits and that’s obvious! Eric Darrouzet, a researcher at the University of Tours, tells Geo-Magazin that wasps make it possible to control insect populations. Flies and mosquitoes are their favorite dishes, so they get rid of them naturally.

And Professor Seirian Summer also explains in a study published in The Guardian that the idea of ​​being stung by a wasp frightens us more than a bee. Quite simply because we think the wasp is useless!

European wasp (Polistes dominula) on an Astranatia flower. Photo credit: Shutterstock / manfredxy

And yet it is useful for farmers!

Wasps in cultivated plants would be a synonym for natural insecticide! They devour insect pests and limit the use of insecticides. In the same study, researchers reveal that “the use of other predatory insects to protect agricultural crops is valued at more than $ 400 billion a year”! The hunting wasps are not a legion, however, and yet they are more effective than any other insect known for these functions.

Wasps pollinate too!

For many, the wasp is useless except to sting! No, like bees, it pollinates more than 960 plant species specifying the location … And the study confirms that 164 species are directly dependent on wasps like orchids, which bees avoid.

Also useful in medicine

The wasp venom is extraordinary! The Independent said, “Bee venom could destroy breast cancer cells and limit the spread of the tumor. And the wasp is not left out. Its venom contains antimicrobial properties that cripple prey, but it also contains natural antibiotics. This allows the wasp to keep its prey as they bury it. The toxin Polybia paulista contained in wasp venom is said to be an effective agent against cancer. Studies are ongoing to evaluate its effectiveness!

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