Strong mobilization tonight in Toulouse to denounce a denial of justice for Sarah Halimi

The main speeches and a minute’s silence have just ended in the Toulouse court. The lack of a trial for the anti-Semitic crime committed by Sarah Halimi outraged elected and anonymous officials.

There were several hundred, perhaps even more than half a thousand, who were gathered at the Place du Salin in Toulouse that Sunday, April 25th, at the end of the afternoon. A symbol outside the closed gates of the court to condemn the lack of trial for Sarah Halimi. She was a woman of Jewish faith who was brutally murdered and defended in Paris in 2017. Regarded as criminally irresponsible, his killer will not be brought to justice if the anti-Semitic nature of his crime is recognized. This is what the Court of Cassation ruled in its judgment of April 14th.

A misunderstanding and a great pain for the Jewish community, but also for the whole nation. Caroline came from Colomiers. She is not a Jew. She is an elected representative of the republic and explains her presence by the simple fact of “wanting to fight against all injustices”.

This feeling was also shared by all known or anonymous participants in this gathering. “French society does not always recognize how judges do justice,” said Franck Touboul, President of the Council of Representatives of Jewish Institutions in France in the Midi-Pyrénées, during a public address. He also denounced a botched investigation by the judiciary: “The examining magistrate has refused her office. To her, a woman’s life wasn’t worth two hours of her time. “

His killer, a heavy drug user, is still in the hospital in psychiatry, but one day he will be released … a situation that leaves Franck Touboul fearing the worst of his concern and his barely hidden feeling that he is living in the life of a Jew To hide France, not to hide, is worth less than that of a dog. “Do you have to smoke cannabis to get relief?” He asks. “At the same time, a cocaine user was sentenced to two years in prison for throwing his dog out of the window.”
During the many statements, Georges Méric, President of the Department Council, said he wanted to “protest against an anti-Semitic crime”. Regional Councilor Nathalie Mader, who represented President Carole Delga, regretted: “Justice is an institution, but it is also a value and a virtue, and it has not been achieved.” Finally, Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, said he was “outraged” and regretted the lack of judgment because “the role of justice is to consolidate the republican building”, which is not the case in this case.

When asked in this file, Yaël Braun-Pivet, President of the National Assembly’s Law Commission, announced this Sunday that a new law on criminal differentiation would be tabled very quickly, adding: “No one is allowed to use narcotics under any circumstances to free you from a crime “.

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