SunRider: Dutch company introduces first solar-electric cargo bike

It’s no longer a secret that the future of cycling is likely to be in the electric bike … And maybe in the electric cargo ship as well. The electric cargo bike, which is already popular with delivery companies for the most difficult and expensive “last mile”, could be a game changer.

If the electric cargo bike is also solar, this is a significant saving in the areas of parcel delivery, but also food, etc. The Dutch company Need The Globe invents the Sunrider! Currently in the prototype stage, it would be the world’s first solar-electric cargo bike when it hits the market!

The SunRider in detail!

The cargo bike is equipped with photovoltaic cells that charge the batteries while driving. This would reduce CO2 emissions by 50% compared to a traditional electric bike. For Chris Van Houdt, director of the company, it is the increasing efficiency of photovoltaic modules and the reduction in their costs that have made the development of this cargo bike possible.

Technically, the SunRider should have a range of up to 100 kilometers. Regardless of whether he rides on the road or on a bike path, he would feel comfortable on both supports. On the battery side, it delivers up to 545 Wp and they are therefore charged via photovoltaic panels while driving. The motor has 250 watts and is integrated in the front wheel.

A sober design, but impressively effective. Image Credit: SunRider

Compared to the emissions of a diesel vehicle, the gain is even 95%. On the volume side, as we told you above, it’s more geared towards the last mile. However, it can contain 1 m3 of cargo, i.e. one pallet. As for weight, it can hold a maximum of 150 kg.

No date announced, but a promising concept!

Even if a start date or price has not yet been communicated. “We have a user-friendly design that fits easily into bike lanes and other riders,” explains SunRider inventor Chris Klok in a press release positioned behind the rider. The curves of the cargo box, together with the integrated solar panels and the use of light materials, not only improve the aerodynamics, but also make the SunRider the lightest and most stylish cargo e-bike on the market. “

An excellent 360-degree field of vision thanks to the clear lines. Image Credit: SunRider

But do you have to insure an electric cargo bike?

On the public service website the answer is clear: NO it is not compulsory in France to take out insurance for an electric bike! However, provided that it does not exceed 250 W, unless the assistance is activated beyond 25 km / h. In the event of personal injury or collateral damage to municipal facilities, for example, your civil liability will be assumed. However, you have to pay for the damage!

With the explosion of the market for electric bicycles or cargo ships and especially their market value, taking out insurance is highly recommended. Attention, there is compulsory insurance for electric scooters! According to the Le Figaro website, 500 electric bikes were stolen in 2020 … a 62% increase from 2019! Maybe it is worth thinking twice about it?

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