Supermarkets, transport, pharmacies: what is open, what is closed on May 1st

The basics It is May 1st this Saturday. Many companies and services are closed due to International Labor Day. However, some shops are open. Overview.

France is idle this Saturday May 1st. Labor Day is the only legal public holiday, states the Labor Code. However, occupations escape the rule if “the nature of their activity cannot interrupt work”, even if the law does not describe these occupations in detail.

Which shops and services are closed, which are open today?

Do you usually shop on Saturdays? Out of luck you will find the door is closed this Saturday. May 1st is one of the rare holidays when large-scale distribution represents an exceptional closure.

Leclerc, Carrefour, Auchan: most hypermarkets in our region are closed for this day. Only Géant Casino has decided to open its stores in Carcassonne, Fenouillet, Millau, Narbonne and Tarbes all day. Large crowds are expected there.

For supermarkets, Intermarché, Super U, Casino, Lidl and Aldi and the trips of all these shops have opened the curtain for this day. Three exceptions in Languedoc-Roussillon, where three Carrefour markets are open in the morning in Hérault in Cournonteral, Palavas and Poussan.

Supermarkets that normally open on Sunday will be open this Sunday, May 2nd.

Bakeries can open this Saturday. The collective agreement for the profession stipulates that employees can work on May 1st. You can therefore buy your baguette when your baker has opened it.

Butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers have the opportunity to greet their customers for the morning.

Florists have the right to stay open this Saturday. This is a boon to the profession as May 1st brings in around € 7 million annually for 14,000 French florists.

Tobacco dealers can open this Saturday May 1st. This is an opportunity to remind people that no regional or national daily newspaper is published today. This is the case with La Dépêche du Midi.

Don’t wait for your usual bus: it’s not going by today. Public transport does not work in all cities in the region without exception. There is no bus, tram or metro all day in Toulouse.

Trains run with the SNCF. TGV, TER or Intercity trains run today, but in a smaller proportion than on a classic Saturday. The reduced traffic during the detention will return to normal from this Saturday.

At Toulouse Airport, 16 flights are scheduled for departure and 19 flights for arrival.

The pharmacies are closed during the day. Nevertheless, pharmacies are in use in every department, for example on Sundays and public holidays. Click here to find the pharmacy closest to you. Of course, the emergency rooms of clinics and hospitals will also remain open. Vaccination centers can still vaccinate against Covid-19.

Cinemas, theaters, opera houses, museums and cultural sites are of course closed for health reasons. You will be able to greet the public again from May 19th. This is evident from the schedule that Emmanuel Macron presented on Thursday in an interview with La Dépêche du Midi and in the regional press.

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