Swinging: When Jean Lassalle evokes the “habits” of certain MPs and ministers in the Assembly

The essentials During his intervention in the National Assembly on Tuesday evening to underscore the “inequality of treatment with the discos”, Jean Lassalle is lost by evoking the passages of certain MPs and ministers in places of swing and libertine clubs.

The French MP for the Pyrenees-Atlantic, Jean Lassalle, made a small mistake in front of the other MPs in the National Assembly on Tuesday evening, May 11th. Jean Lassale made the comparison with the places of swing in order to evoke the “inequalities of treatment with the discotheques” which did not yet have an exact date for the reopening.

“I have to admit that there are topics that remain taboo in our assembly at such an important time. I would like to speak of discos, for example,” he emphasized to the French MPs.

“Monsieur Lassalle, you are lost”

“The oldest of us know that the exchange offices have remained open throughout our detention, many of our colleagues had their habits there in previous mandates and I do not even count the ministers,” he said. He explains. Amid general exhilaration and indignation, the chairman of the meeting asked him to refocus his remarks. “Mr. Lassalle, you are getting lost, let’s get back to the topic. I am not cutting you off, I am asking you to refocus your words”.

Jean Lassalle is used to interventions that leave no one indifferent. In November 2018, he wore a yellow vest in a semicircle and the meeting was even interrupted.

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