Tarn-et-Garonne: The Malégal horse was struck by a bull and died during its operation

the essentials After being blinded by a bull for almost two years, the Malégal horse did not survive its second operation at the Toulouse veterinary clinic.

Not all stories end well. Malégal’s is an example. This horse, rescued last April by the association Les 3 Dindes du Tarn-et-Garonne in a sad state in Haute-Garonne (see La Dépêche of April 29th). The latter had his eye gouged out by a bull without taking the slightest care from his owner. Malgal stayed in the state for two years before being rescued by volunteers at the Honor-de-Cos refuge. His condition is very worrying: the horse’s left eye is swollen, has a severe abscess and has been eaten by maggots.

The association then entrusted it to the veterinarian Caroline Dubois from Saint-Michel. The latter gave him antibiotic rifle treatment and successfully operated on in early May to remove his abscess and necrotic tissue.

Malgal, some time after his first DR-DR operation

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A tumor in the left eye

But his other eye calls for a transfer to the veterinary clinic in Toulouse. Malgal was taken there on Monday, June 7th and operated on on Wednesday. “The professor who operated on him found tumor tissue in his right eye. When he was done, he opened his left eye again, the empty space from the operation last month was invaded by a hypervascularized tumor, ”explains Lisa Fernandez, President of the 3 Turkeys.

For the professor, removing the tissue can cause significant bleeding and require several other surgeries. It’s a cold shower for Lisa and Caroline: “The professor told us that we couldn’t stop this tumor. He advised us not to wake him up … We didn’t expect that. ”With death in their soul, they make the decision not to let Malgal suffer:“ Keeping a suffering animal alive is pure selfishness. In the club, we always follow the advice of specialists, ”explains Lisa. .

A difficult life and death decision is digested, even if the refuge farm has to make it on a regular basis. “We arm ourselves,” says the President, “but this time it was difficult for Caroline, who had Malégal at home from the start. She took care of it. Her mere presence calmed him down, he … made her feel better . Confidence. I know she cried a lot. “

Veterinarian Caroline Dubois had a real affection for Malégal Photo DR. developed

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Continuation of the fight

The loss of this brave horse, only 16 years old, increased tenfold the motivation of the association, which will file a lawsuit against the former owner: “If we had been informed of this horse beforehand, when its owner was’ busy, Malégal could have been saved, angry Lisa, it is very cruel to make an animal suffer like this “. In Honor-de-Cos the volunteers of the refuge farm had already prepared an enclosure for the return of the horse. “We can’t regret it, Lisa Fernandez realizes, we collect animals every day, we have to keep moving forward for them!”

To report an animal that you suspect has been mistreated, you can send an email to Les 3 Dindes at this address: signalements.les3dindes@gmail.com

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