Tarn: the medical-social that needs recognition

The essentials The medical-social sector is suffering and the covid epidemic has exacerbated the difficulties in recruiting for professions requiring recognition.

Some returned to the premises of the Le Grand Champ de Lagrave care home to resume their activities, others wanted to continue the demonstration to demonstrate their working conditions and they got tired of the authorities not being recognized. They are hospital workers, nurses, nurses and mediators.

ADMR staff are also present.

This Monday, March 15th, “the little hands” of the medical-social, social, health and home services wanted to be heard. For a year now they have been using their means to face the epidemic and feel forgotten and despised.

Inequality of treatment between the public and associations

If the Lagrave Nursing Home was selected for this organized strike, it is because it is an institution for the elderly with associative status.

In contrast to public structures or private for-profit institutions, the employees did not receive the bonus of 183 euros, which was announced as an extension of the Ségur de la Santé with the Lafourcade mission. Inequality that goes wrong.

In addition to the bonus, it is also the lack of consideration for their profession that these medical-social workers denounce.

Léa and Manon are in their twenties. With their diploma as a nursing assistant in hand, they are still thinking of the ideas of ethics and respect for the dignity of the residents. “We do this job for human contact, helping the elderly, the end of life. We are a bit like a second family, but it has become too difficult here.”

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Another nursing assistant confirms: “After 20 years of service, I have just made a little more than 1,500 euros”.

Even this retirement home manager agrees that there is a compensation issue to make this profession more attractive. “It’s not a bonus that can solve the recruitment problems, but a real pay increase. Here we are in a rural department with transport difficulties. Sometimes you have to advance 200 euros to help one of our employees repair her vehicle. If we do Looking at the latest nursing diploma promotions, there are generally 30 to 40% missing of candidates compared to the positions offered. “

Hence the demand by Sud Santé sociales to obtain purchasing power in the order of 400 euros.

Household help also with pain

ADMR staff are also present at the demonstration. Whether they are a nursing assistant or a household helper, they too have the feeling of being forgotten. Recruitment difficulties and a lack of qualifications weaken these services. “With the epidemic, we were confronted with people, patients who were in even greater psychological distress. This situation has increased the physical and mental stress to which we are exposed, and yet our profession is still so little recognized. “

New mobilizations are expected on April 6th, 7th and 8th if the authorities do not respond better to expectations of an upgrading of these professions.