Telework: How can the stress it causes be reduced?

How many French people do you telework indefinitely! Or you are a student and forced to take your courses remotely. And as with many remote workers, stress won’t let you go … sofa-office sleep has become your daily life …

Cecille Ahrens, a psychotherapist, believes that certain factors can contribute to stress at home. Working in a small, poorly lit room, in noise or without daylight increases the stress. Clutter, broken, or old-fashioned items would also add stress to her, she said. Explanations.

These elements, defined by Cecille Ahrens, are not the same for everyone … One person will not stress living in disorder when another cannot stand it! But these factors can be a source to explore when you’re stressed out for no real reason.

Clean up your house!

The dishes in the sink, the laundry about to be folded on the sofa, or the beds that haven’t been made … those small, messy spots in your house can add to your stress levels. According to another therapist, Mark Loewen, the disorder provides too much visual information to process. Because your brain needs to know when this disorder no longer exists. So before you start your day, make room inside and work more peacefully!

Expand your space!

As with storage, the layout depends on each person, but therapists recommend setting up a work area, such as outside of the bedroom. Working from bed creates stress, the room is often dark and not suitable for working in good conditions. Obviously, having a separate work area isn’t for everyone! But force yourself to put your computer on a desk or high table near a light source to focus and relieve stress.

Expand your space! Photo credits: Shutterstock / SeeSaw GmbH

Light up your space!

Poorly lit rooms can make some tasks difficult. But rooms that are too artificially lit can also be stressful. We therefore need to find the right balance and prefer natural light. A simple lamp near your work area can redefine the area. According to Cecille Ahrens and a 2005 BMC Psychiatry Study, white and green lights are even more stressful.

Get rid of old trash!

Apparently the old patched furniture or the chair your grandmother gave you would be additional stressors. Of course, not everyone can afford to redecorate their home in a few days! But opt ​​for colored throws, personalize an old piece of furniture or an old chair. This way, not only can you relax between two teleworking hours, but it also gives you the impression of having new furniture!

Of course, not everyone can afford to redecorate their home in a few days! Photo credit: Shutterstock / Rathavit

Noise increases stress

Especially when that sound comes from a source you didn’t want! So forget about the fear-inducing information in the background when you work! Do you prefer soft music or your favorite songs … Be careful not to put the lyrics of a song in a report. Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate when a famous song comes on the radio …

Noise promotes stress! Photo credit: Shutterstock / Studio Romantic

We don’t know what the future of teleworking will look like, but it will likely have to do with it in the years to come … We might as well learn good habits as soon as possible! One last tip? Air out!

Take your head out of your files for a coffee with your nose in the wind. On your balcony, in your garden or simply by your window … Make sure you have a few moments before you go back to work!