Tesla’s Solar Proof solar tiles also work in snowy weather … by simply melting them!

As the installation of solar panels becomes a popular solution for homeowners, Tesla is stepping up its solar rooftop installations. As a reminder, solar roof is a system of solar tiles that Tesla envisioned. They have the peculiarity of not just being a small area of ​​the roof, but of completely covering it.

Elon Musk, the quirky CEO of Tesla, believes his solar tiles will be the “killer product” for years to come. They are being used more and more in the United States, and if the main markets were initially in sunny states like Florida or California … That is changing …

Solar tiles are spreading in colder states … And a video from a Wisconsin resident proves its effectiveness under snow! If you wanted to renovate your solar panel roof before the bricks, you had to change them too.

Tesla tiles have built-in solar cells that allow the roof to generate electricity continuously. The problem is that in areas where snow can quickly cover roofs, electricity production stops once it is covered.

Third generation Tesla Solar Tiles. Image credit: Tesla

But like all solar panels, Tesla tiles generate a certain amount of heat that allows them to melt snow quickly. The misunderstanding of reserving solar roofs for regions with strong sunlight is therefore wrong. In addition, the solar roof solar tiles that cover the entire roof allow complete thawing as opposed to solar panels that only cover part of the roof.

Elon Musk also envisioned a heating system built into the solar tiles to automatically melt the snow. And that in order to be able to install solar tiles even in the coldest regions … Let’s not forget that solar panels or tiles also work in cloudy weather … Even if their performance is a little less efficient than in strong sunlight.