Test of the Graphonémo application: learning to read is child’s play!

During this time and those troubled school holidays, we were able to introduce a 7-year-old child to a new fun and educational application: Graphonémo… A hybrid serious game that children can use to learn to read. An application that differs from the ones already known and allows children to learn in a playful way.

This application is suitable for all children: classic learning, learning delay, dyslexia or other disorders. Developed by two teachers who specialize in learning difficulties, Graphonémo shows that digital technology can be combined with paper media to make learning easier.

Who is Graphonémo for?

This application is intended for children between 5 and 7 years old and allows them to learn to read easily while having fun. The application arouses the child’s curiosity, stimulates their intelligence by solving problems. When the child is in an active research situation, they are more involved in finding the solution on their own. And there is no longer any need to prove that we remember much better when we understand than when we do not understand.

The application works on tablets or phones, but the visibility on tablets is obviously better. Graphonémo is also intended for teachers or facilitators of homework. But also for grandparents who like to share fun learning moments with their grandchildren.

What is graphonémo exactly?

The application is compatible with current reading methods and can be integrated into all reading sessions, for example in the form of a workshop for teachers. And at home, the parents monitor the child’s progress. The Graphonemo method is also referred to in the National Education Catalog: Edusol.

Four tasks are offered to help you learn to read and understand:

Discrimination that enables us to perceive the connection between the letter and the sound. Syllable suppression to find the tone that corresponds to a syllable. Segmentation to understand words as a whole by identifying them syllable by syllable. Writing words to stimulate the interaction between reading and writing.

And children can correct themselves, which makes work even easier and understanding faster.

Graphonémo how much does it cost?

At home, the first Graphonémo world is free. 4 possible offers as a subscription from 7 days (€ 3.49) to one year (€ 39.99). For the school, the application costs € 5.50 per child and per year. And you have to add 1 € so that children can use the app at home. Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone

What we thought of Graphonémo

First of all, the application is really nice and makes the child go, but adults also want to find out what it is hiding. If the child is curious, they will want to search for answers to their questions quickly. And when the kid isn’t, the colors and graphics of the screen can only encourage them to get involved.

Very easy to use, we especially appreciate the fact that the child can make mistakes without being punished. The child does not wait for the exercise to end to receive a grade or assessment. Errors occur during the exercise and the child can correct himself immediately. If it doesn’t succeed, it doesn’t. “If not blocked, it can continue its progression.

An Ulule campaign is running!

Graphonémo needs you to complete the Ulule campaign 100%. At the time of writing, only 6% are missing to meet the € 10,000 goal and thus further improve the application. Graphonémo is therefore recognized by National Education, but now the application needs to grow to offer children even more beautiful discoveries!


Easy understanding



Graphonémo, an application for learning to read, discovering during the holidays but all year round.

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