TFC: Christophe Revault died of peritonitis

The essentials The club’s former goalkeeper was found dead on Thursday 6 May at his home near Le Havre. He was 49 years old.

Christophe Revault, the former guardian of the TFC (2000-2006), died of peritonitis following the results of the autopsy.

Peritonitis is acute inflammation of the peritoneum, the membrane that covers the abdominal cavity. It therefore causes death if not treated quickly.

The 49-year-old former player was found unconscious at his home near Le Havre on Thursday May 6th. Prosecutors had opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the death and an autopsy had been performed.

Further additional analyzes should be carried out in the coming days.

The supporters and leaders of the Toulouse club paid tribute to him during a Ligue 2 meeting against Caen on Saturday 8 May.

Christophe Revault was trained in Le Havre and began his career at the Norman club, then in Ligue 1, before moving to PSG (1997-1998) to ensure the difficult successor to Bernard Lama.

After going through Rennes and Toulouse, he returned to end his sports career in Le Havre, where he continued to be responsible for sports animation and also ensured several interim periods as a coach.

After relegation from TFC to National, he stays with the club

The TFC, which was relegated athletically and administratively at the end of the 2000-2001 season, fails in the national. Christophe Revault made a bet and then decided to stay at the club, which was taken over by Olivier Sadran.

We dedicated a great portrait to him in 2005 for his 300th Ligue 1 game with TFC. His teammates said the following: “When the club joined the national team, he was ready to sign in Scotland,” said friend Stéphane Lièvre, who is currently with Patrice Garande at TFC. But he had a family problem here and chose not to leave his family instead of making money. Others would have chosen money … “

“During the first game in Boulogne-sur-Mer, we crossed France by bus to stay in a Formula 1 hotel. For a man who knew the Champions League with PSG, you can imagine the difference” also said his trainer Erick Mombaerts.

Alain Casanova, former TFC coach and former Le Havre goalkeeper, reported on his debut at the Norman club: “A tall stallion with very long hair that I saw in Le Havre in 1989. He was 17 years old and had to be my understudy What impressed me about him was his willingness to work, his desire for progress. He worked overtime with the attackers. “

“A competitor”

Stéphane Lièvre: “The first time I met him it was here at the club one day in July. I remember his head impressed me. I thought he had a huge head! Since then we have become very close. He’s an excellent player, a competitor. If we’re there today, it’s because we had him with us. He has the qualities of the heart, he’s still available. One day, after a 3-0 defeat in Monaco, we went to see Bruno Carotti. He wanted to relax and bathe in the jacuzzi. The only problem was that he had forgotten to take off his suit! “

Christophe Revault’s model was Pascal Olmeta. “Young, I bought the same outfits as him, I did my hair the same way.” His best memory of a match? “My first Ligue 1 game with Le Havre against Paris, although I lost it (1-0)”. And the worst? “With PSG at the European Cup in Munich. We lost 5-1, I went through it. It cost me my place in the national team.”

The former stadium icon was also one of the first players to wear a shaved head … with Fabien Barthez. “It was before the Rennes resumption against Auxerre in 1998. I had made a bet with a friend on the night of the World Cup final.”

Olivier Sadran: “I’m devastated”

The honors for TFC, but also for Le Havre or PSG, who expressed their “deep sadness”, have multiplied.

“I am devastated just thinking about his relatives,” said former Toulouse Football Club president Olivier Sadran. Like Stéphane (Lièvre) and William (Prunier), he was involved in the rebuilding of this club. Without Christophe, nothing would have been possible. He had this influence on young people, this greatness of soul, this calm that characterized him and above all this humility. He was a deep man who had real values. “

Dominique Arribagé, former team-mate in Rennes and TFC, is devastated: “He showed his solidarity and loyalty to the club. Christophe was a figure in French football and a great goalkeeper who had reached the very high level. He had a great career . He might seem strong, but there was a fragility in him that made him lovable. He was adorable, whole, everyone loved him. He was a paste. I’m very sad. ”

His close friend William Prunier said he was “in shock”.

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