TFC: Tense exchange after the game between Patrice Garande and Saumur coach

Key TFC coach Patrice Garande expressed dissatisfaction with his Saumur counterpart Julien Sourice.

It’s a fun scene that some journalists were able to attend on Wednesday night at the end of the Coupe de France meeting between Saumur and TFC (2-1 for Toulouse, qualifying for the quarter-finals). While he was just finishing his press conference, Patrice Garande had a male exchange with his counterpart Julien Sourice, to say the least. And the tone rose between the two men.

The Toulouse manager voiced his dissatisfaction with a technical reservation Saumur had made ahead of the meeting. The Maine-et-Loire club tried to play at a point that could have tipped in their favor. The latter required teams participating in the Coupe de France to field a team of at least seven players who had played in either of the previous two games.

This was certainly not the case with the TFC, which was particularly revised during this meeting. However, due to the Covid pandemic, this rule no longer applies this season. Rightly so, because the Covid withheld three of its players from the TFC who participated in previous games.

According to our information, the leaders of Toulouse even informed Saumur of the non-application of this rule by presenting them the FFF minutes on the matter. This did not prevent the reserve from being deposited.

Patrice Garande wanted to let the Saumurois Club know that he had not tried these practices. But this technical reluctance wasn’t the only reason he was angry. In his exchange with Julien Sourice, the Toulouse coach also criticized his hosts for the condition of the field, the loan of intentionally deflated balls (during training) and other organizational details.

The Saumur trainer was asked to respond to the discussion at a press conference and did not want to add fuel to the fire. The latter did not hide his astonishment, however: “What I can tell you is that this balloon story is nonsense, and as for the state of the soil, all you have to do is watch N3 games to see that it is much worse elsewhere. And We’re an amateur club, we don’t have five gardeners who are constantly tending the lawn. “