The 65-year-old Roger disappeared without a trace near Toulouse for three months

Mainly Roger, 65, has been missing for three months. Your daughter is worried.

What happened to roger? This 65-year-old man has not given a sign of life for three months. He disappeared on December 2nd. His daughter Patricia alerted the police, who opened an investigation entrusted to the Family Protection Brigade. “We haven’t heard from her, Patricia worries. We don’t know what happened to her.”

Roger’s trail was lost at Colomiers train station near Toulouse on Wednesday December 2, where the sixty-year-old’s car was fined before being confiscated. “There was his dog, whom he takes care of more than anything. The car wasn’t locked, there was his phone, two bank cards and his Vitale card.” A neighbor of the disappeared in the Bagatelle district had alerted Patricia because he had not seen her for some time. She learned that on November 27th, he saw his doctor treating his heart.

His daughter looking for clues

On December 2nd, “he spent ten minutes with his brother in Tournefeuille. They drank the coffee.” Since then, this mother has moved heaven and earth to find her father. She contacted hospitals, clinics, and even morgues … No sign of Roger.
Has he been attacked? Is that a voluntary disappearance? “We don’t know. Maybe he’s kidnapped somewhere? Maybe we’ll meet him at a police checkpoint? Maybe he’s no longer alive? ‘There is no movement on his social security account or on his bank account.”

Patricia is still hoping someone can point out her father. She is waiting for a testimony to guide the investigation. Roger is 1.82 m tall, he is strong. Her hair is gray and short.

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