The amazing wavy house with a green roof by designer Milad Eshtiyaghi

With regard to innovative constructions, we have already introduced you to tiny houses, A-houses or container houses … But there are also other types of construction! Let’s take a moment to take a look at these architect-designed homes called Maison Paysage or Maison Paysagère!

A landscape house is a type of construction that creates an imitation of materials and colors between the built landscape and the natural landscape. The landscape house creates an osmosis with the natural environment. These houses made of environmentally friendly materials blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. But they also make it possible to appreciate it for its true worth.

Milad Eshtiyaghi’s country house

This Iranian architect offers an absolutely stunning landscape version of the house! A curvy house that forms out of the ground like an island! This house in the Swiss Alps takes on the topography of the country … A clever mix of gentle slopes and rectangular shapes. The roofs are overgrown and covered with grass. A solution to keep the interior of the house cool that is increasingly used in urban planning.

The house is presented in two volumes that are perfectly integrated into the landscape. The rectangular part seems to float above the round part! All over the house, skylights illuminate the interior! From the pool to the bathroom, everything is designed to optimize the use of outside light!

The owners of this house must probably be movie buffs! Indeed, the architect designed a cinema room with opening panels that make it possible to watch films in complete darkness … or total light depending on how the room is used!

Photo credit: Milad Eshtiyaghi

“The resulting house is characterized by gently sloping green roofs that perfectly overlap to subtly frame the natural surroundings that surround it,” explains the designboom website. Landscape houses are not traditional constructions, they blend in perfectly with the environment. And often these houses are not suitable for all budgets, they often belong to architects or rich people. But let’s be honest, this one is really beautiful!

Green roofs

Greening roofs offers many advantages – better protection against thermal shock with a reduction in temperature fluctuations by up to 40% and an improvement in the sound insulation of the house (the overgrown earth is undoubtedly one of the most efficient sound insulation in the house world).

The advantages of a green roof

Better air quality Increased biodiversity Better rainwater management

The disadvantages of green roofs

Higher installation costs. Additional weight. More restrictive maintenance

Finally, note that green walls and roofs are not reserved for new homes. It is entirely possible to install them on existing buildings. However, these developments must comply with DTU (Unified Technical Documents) standards and be reported to the town hall at the town planning department. Please see our dedicated article for more information.

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