The Anti-Waste Tip of the Day: How to Cook Overripe or Damaged Bananas!

In these somewhat gloomy times, when the future is rather uncertain, zero waste is becoming increasingly important. We recycle, repair, cook and try to save as much as possible. In the category of foods that we can’t handle when damaged, there are bananas!

These fruits, which are full of sugar and vitamins, often end up in the trash when they turn black, but there are many ways to transform them so as not to throw them away … and frankly it would be a shame to evade them like this delicious! Bananas in the spotlight!

We made each of the following “banana” recipes with the Magimix, but it’s obvious that all of them without … It’s a matter of occasion and time, as the Magimix has become indispensable in our kitchen! Each recipe was made with “closet funds”, no additional purchases were made …

Banana / lime jam

If you’re not practicing trash, you inevitably have a few empty glasses that are carefully stored! They are perfect for your jam!

500 g very ripe bananas, even black 400 g special jam sugar 1 lime juice also damaged

For the Magimix, simply run the EXPERT / 2A / 105 ° / 30-minute program by simply adding the ingredients to the bowl! Pour the mixture into jars, turn the jars over and put them in the fridge once the jars have cooled … the next day however you want!

Banana / Chocolate Cake (Banana Bread)

Our bananas really were at the end of their life, even close to extinction … We don’t throw away with us! Banana bread accepts all bananas, even the most damaged ones, which, let’s not forget, are also the sweetest!

In short, the result is so delicious that we almost didn’t have a photo!

A vanilla pod (also works with liquid vanilla) 3 very ripe bananas 1 tablespoon coconut oil (always in the fridge) 120 g brown sugar 250 g T45 flour (but also with T55) 1 sachet of yeast 100 ml vegetable milk (but the recipe does not allow classic milk fail) 100 g dark chocolate

If you do it with Magimix just follow the steps, the banana bread will be ready in less than 5 minutes. Otherwise you just have to mash the bananas with the sugar … Then add all the ingredients one after the other and finish with the grated dark chocolate or in French fries … Bake for 50 minutes at 180 ° (hot oven) and enjoy lukewarm. .. taste buds.

These fruits, laden with sugar and vitamins, often end up in the trash when they turn black. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Valerii__Dex

banana pancake

To make pancakes or banana pancakes, just keep your original recipe and add two very ripe bananas reduced to cooked … cook pancakes or pancakes normally and enjoy …

For example for a pancake batter:

250 g flour 500 ml milk 2 bananas 3 eggs 35 g melted butter 6 g baking powder 1 teaspoon liquid vanilla …

It’s easy, very cheap, and you don’t have to throw away the bananas. You can also cut them on a cake or in a yogurt cake … in short, when you can’t eat your bananas raw anymore, go behind the stove … you can hope that your bananas will be eaten in the future. Bananas turn black so they can be transformed!

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