The Breton beekeeper invents the revolutionary Asian hornet trap that only catches queens

Be careful, they’re coming back and it’s time to catch the queens! No, this is not the scenario of a science fiction film, but the planned return of the Asian hornets … Between mid-March and mid-May, the queens will try to build their new nest! And now is the time to catch them.

A beekeeper from Finistère is tired of seeing his beehives being wiped out by Asian hornets. He invents a revolutionary trap and receives the innovation prize in the Lépine competition! Denis Jaffré has since been overwhelmed by inquiries because his trap is really effective at protecting beehives!

An ecological and award-winning trap

In 2016 Denis lost 35 bee colonies, a real trauma for this Breton beekeeper. Then he decides to create an ecological trap with the help of plastic students from Questembert (Morbihan). Thanks to a 3D printer, he created alveoli to the nearest millimeter in order to capture only the queens who are the only founders of future nests.

After catching and examining the queens himself, he set a standard size for these insects. His trap apparently worked when 150 queens were caught by his invention. If you put a little wax on the bottom of the cells, the queens will be baited but won’t be able to come out.

Since then, Denis Jaffré has founded JabeProd, a company that offers an ecological alternative to prevent the destruction of bee colonies by Asian hornets! Denis is overwhelmed with assignments, as is the protection of bees, which is so important for biodiversity.

the recipe for a hornet trap to install in your garden. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Shocking

How to Make a Homemade Asian Hornet Trap

We remind you of the recipe for a hornet trap to install in your garden:

100 ml dark beer 100 ml white wine 100 ml black currant syrup

All mixed up in a plastic bottle on which you have drilled a couple of holes about an inch in diameter … a string around your neck and your trap is active! Think about it, you will protect the bees!