The Caesars break with the past and crown two of the best black hopes

The Basics The Césars had to break with the Inter-Self: They moved on to the act from the opening of the ceremony, crowning two black actors like the best hopes: Jean-Pascal Zadi and Fathia Youssouf.

The 46th ceremony, which opened this Friday evening at the Olympia under strict health protocols while the cinemas are still closed, crowned Jean-Pascal Zadi and Fathia Youssouf. The first best male newcomer is the writer, director (with John Wax) and lead actor of “Tout Simply Noir,” a comedy that attacks racist stereotypes. This cinematographic UFO, which he believes “speaks primarily to humanity,” has hit the screens between the two borders. “Every generation has to find, fulfill or betray its mission,” said Jean-Pascal Zadi, who received his award and quoted the thinker of post-colonialism, Frantz Fanon.

For the Caesars, a flagship institution of French cinema long undermined by allegations of self-esteem and opacity that were shattered during Roman Polanski’s coronation last year, this appointment is very symbolic. Especially since it came shortly after that of Fathia Youssouf, who was crowned for “Mignonnes” at the age of only 14, a film about youth in Paris, between the traditions of a Senegalese polygamous family and social networks.

The ceremony president, actor Roschdy Zem, had previously opened the ceremony by emphasizing that “the job is changing”. “The rules of the game are changing, not to stop the game but to draw this time,” he said.

“We can’t wait to see you again”

The other big issue for the Caesars was obviously the pandemic that is keeping the rooms closed and bringing the sector to its knees. “What we lack is what holds us together, the emotions that we experience together and that make us say that we are not all alone […] So yeah, we can’t wait to see you again! “, Said the master of ceremonies Marina Foïs to the audience in her opening speeches.

In front of her a half-empty room in the Olympia, in which, for health reasons, only the nominees and a handful of other personalities could take place. Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, much awaited by disgruntled professionals desperate to see concrete prospects for reopening, sent “a message of hope” upon arrival. “We are in the process of creating the conditions for venues to reopen with the industry,” she said before attending the Olympics. “We’re going to see movies again, the audience will be there, the artists will really be there, French cinema + confidence +!” She added.

Tribute to the wonderful troupe

The most anticipated rewards will have to be given later in the evening, especially after a César anniversary, to the Splendid troupe (Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte, Michel Blanc, Josiane Balasko …), authors of the “Bronzés” and the “Santa Claus.” is rubbish “.


The big favorite, with 13 nominations, “The things we say, the things we do” by Emmanuel Mouret, tireless discoverer of the feeling of love, can also be named best actress (Camélia Jordana) and best film hope best actor (Niels Schneider). Also well placed are “Eté 85” by François Ozon, filmmaker who is often mentioned and never rewarded, and “Adieu les Cons” by Albert Dupontel for the realization and interpretation with Virginie Efira in the race for César actress.

In all categories, rising stars (director Caroline Vignal and actress Laure Calamy for “Antoinette in the Cévennes”, actor Jonathan Cohen in “Huge”) meet older backpackers from the cinema (actor Lambert Wilson for “De Gaulle” or actress) Barbara Sukowa for “Deux”, awarded 35 years ago in Cannes) …

Choices were limited this year as only films released in theaters in 2020 that had passed between sentences could compete.