The Chinese manufacturer SAIC Maxus unveils an amazing 20 m² motorhome … with terrace, balcony and elevator!

With the coming spring and the beautiful days coming back, the desire to flee is felt! Perhaps you have already tried the joys of motorhome travel on the roads of France … In the world of motorhomes there are vans that you can set up yourself …

There are the giant luxury motorhomes that cost the price of three villas combined … And then there is the SAIC Maxus, a Chinese motorhome that has just been unveiled: the Life Home V90. A state-of-the-art motorhome not available in France but definitely worth the detour!

The Life Home V90 from SAIV Maxus has the amazing feature of having a completely retractable floor. And especially the “Villa Edition” published in October 2020 will draw attention to the brand! The retractable stage has a small balcony where you can admire the landscape directly above the driver’s cab.

The lifting system has two slides … In a way, a mobile home lift! Thanks to this unique process, the 12.4m2 floor offers a breathtaking panoramic view …

The lower part offers 20 m² of living space thanks to the double side extension. Image credit: Maxus

The lower part offers 20 m² of living space thanks to the double side extension. There is an L-shaped living room, a kitchen and the two rooms are separated by a bar. The bathroom is also on the ground floor. The sleeping area is obviously upstairs!

But that’s not all ! To get to the top, there is no longer a ladder or stairs, but a small indoor lift, which even people with limited mobility can easily use to get into the bedroom. However, this little gem of technology comes at a price that matches its qualities. According to the manufacturer, the mobile home would be sold for 2.68 million yuan or around 341,000 euros. And if you are fluent in Chinese or have deepl, you can find more information on the brand’s website.