The earth does not consist of four layers, but of five!

The center of the earth has always fascinated many people, whether they are writers like Jules Verne or even scientists. In fact, we learned in school that our planet is made up of four different layers, starting from the outside in. We find the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.

But scientists recently discovered that the earth has not yet revealed all of its secrets to us. In reality, the inner core hides another core that scientists call the “deepest inner core.”

The earth would have had two colds

This is a discovery that could result in all school and science textbooks being rewritten! Indeed, researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) who originated this scientific study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth stated that this finding disrupts everything we currently know about the internal makeup of our planet.

PhD student Joanne Stephenson, lead author on that study, said in a statement that there is evidence suggesting a change in the earth’s iron structure, suggesting that two events may have occurred due to different cooling in the history of our planet. However, she says these details will remain a mystery for now, reports The Byte.

Iron crystals that point in two opposite directions

Apparently, scientists have already assumed that there is another core in the inner core of the earth. This hypothesis goes back several decades, but there was no evidence to support it. However, the ANU researchers managed to collect this missing evidence using an artificial intelligence research algorithm to examine thousands of models of the Earth’s inner core.

The existence of another core in the inner core of the EarthPhoto credit: Shutterstock / Naeblys

Research had actually shown that the deepest core was half the diameter of the inner core. But that’s not all. This core in the heart of the earth is also provided with iron crystals that point in an east-west direction, while the inner core has iron crystals that point from north to south.

This discovery shocked scientists. However, the latter claim that this discovery is very exciting and may involve the rewriting of all textbooks published to date on the internal structure of the earth.