The first hedgehogs come out of hibernation! How can you protect them?

With the return of spring, some small animals come back to life after hibernating. In our gardens, this is the case with the hedgehog, who will soon be investing in your lawn again! These small animals are valuable to biodiversity and you can perfectly protect them by creating a suitable garden or even offering them food and shelter …

And if you want to see it, you have to watch at night that the hedgehogs that run around in broad daylight are often sick or injured. Here are some tips on how to fit these little feather balls into your yard!

How do I greet a hedgehog?

First of all, it will be necessary to leave some hedgerows or flower meadows in place … But also a small pile of wood and dead leaves … He loves to hide there. There are several options available for eating! There are grasshoppers for animals and he loves it. Very ripe berries, berries or simple cat food also serve as food.

For the drink, a bowl of clear water goes perfectly with him. Do not set up a bowl with high rims, otherwise it will tip over or cannot be reached! If you have a compost it could settle there, it’s his favorite hunting area!

A shelter for the hedgehog!

If you have a garden, besides the cover, you can offer it the shelter too! Or by turning over a simple wooden box that you’ve made an opening on. Either by building a 3 star animal shelter like we did with this plan.

Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone

Even if we preferred to create a slope on the roof and the tunnel so that the water can drain off. You can also buy a ready-made hedgehog house if DIY doesn’t inspire you!

How do you protect hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs love to go from garden to garden, but the fences force them to cross the street. Unless, in agreement with your neighbors, you create small openings of 12 to 15 cm between each garden. You can hike without crossing the street. Street!

On the gardener’s side, of course, all dangerous products such as pesticides, anti-snails or rat poison must be banned. These products poison the insects that the hedgehog feeds on … and therefore inevitably poison the hedgehog.

Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone

Remember to save your cutting tools. The hedgehog is very fragile and can be cut with hedge trimmers or even a rake! No plastic bags, tins on the floor, yoghurt jars or vegetable fillets: Hedgehog prison guaranteed!

Photo credit: Nathalie for the Neozone

If you have a robotic mower, don’t program it at nightfall or in the early hours of the morning. These machines are real hedgehog assassins! Prefer the end of the morning or the beginning of the afternoon to plan this out … the hedgehogs are asleep!

And if you want to install an animal shelter, now is the time to do it … once he gets used to the shelter, he’ll come back every year. Capture, on the other hand, don’t take a hedgehog to put in your shelter … There are many of them in the countryside who will find their way around if you live in the countryside!