The hill climb claimed 3 deaths in the Gers: 18 months suspended sentence required against the organizers

The essentials The responsibility of the two organizers of the Laas-Tillac hill climb, in which three people were killed in 2014, was examined in the criminal court of Auch this Thursday.

During this hearing before the Auch Criminal Court, the victims’ families held up on their knees the portraits of the victims of the Laas-Tillac hill climb. Josette Baldran and André Kerdudo, race director, and Bertrand Malinowski, photographer, who died on August 24, 2014. The story of a passion lived between friends that turns into a drama. Tears flowed throughout the process. Some of the victim’s relatives even left the room.

This process, almost seven years after the events, aimed to determine the responsibility of the two main organizers, Guillaume Bardot, president of the Astarac-Mirande automobile club and technical organizer, and Philippe Poitevin, race director.

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Victims who shouldn’t have been to the right of the curve

At the center of this process is the position on the right, outside the curve, of the victims who should never have been there. The plan submitted to the prefecture for approval to hold the event mentioned a post of race directors on the left. The photographer accompanied the two inspectors. All three crossed by themselves, the respondents confirm. Another race director, who was placed on post number 4, challenged them.

In his plea, Ma histre Brice Michel noted everyone’s feeling: “We can see that no commissioner understood the rules. “Everyone diverges so widely in their statements that the security organization gives the impression of“ very fuzzy behavior ”, said Maître Michel Lagaillarde. Most marshals act out of habit and follow the race for several years. If the assistant race director checks the positions of the marshals, he is not in possession of the plan.

“I didn’t make the decision to bring her over”

Philippe Poitevin, in his 70s, is absent for medical reasons. He is only held responsible for the deaths of the commissioners. His first testimony, with over 50 years of experience on the counter, “questioned” the President of the Court, Philippe Romanello. The Lot-et-Garonnais advises that the positioning to the right of the marshals is correct, as the latter are safer behind the slide.

Guillaume Bardot, now 34 years old and manager of a workshop, is the only defendant present. But his answers, as well as the pleadings of Maître Leclere, the lawyer for the two defendants, correspond to his last words. “What happened is unfortunate, but I didn’t make the decision to bring her over. “A position that regularly arouses outrage in the room. Because it is in fact up to the marshals that he rejects responsibility for the presence of André Malinowski on the right side of the road.

Severity of the known danger

The prosecutor Jacques-Edouard Andrault believes that the facts have been characterized and is calling for a suspended sentence of 18 months. Responsibility for the security established by law; the severity of the danger evident in this curve and voiced by certain witnesses; all surrounded by this approach described by many. “If the plan had been clear, there would have been no vacillation,” and the trio would not have crossed despite a request from the neighboring race director.

The meeting was scheduled for September 9th.

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