“The House in the Clouds” is enthroned here 200 m above the ground

People in their forties will no doubt remember the children’s program Le village dans les oiseaux! But did you know that there is a real house in the clouds in England? The “House in The Clouds”, built in 1923, is located in the English village of Thorpeness in Suffolk.

Originally this building was built to hide a 227m3 water tower! Were home builders pioneers in landscaping? However, this house was originally built to improve the view of the residents. After the tank was discontinued, the Suffolk house became a real apartment! And she is great!

Today this splendid structure offers a total change of landscape to the tourists traveling through the area. It has indeed become a family vacation rental 200 m above the ground! Inside 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, a dining room … and the highlight of the show is the kid’s suite which is upstairs in the house! This is obviously the most beautiful view the house in the clouds has!

In terms of equipment, absolute comfort is guaranteed: dishwasher, television, table tennis, billiards … The perfect luxury for a relaxing holiday! And obviously this house is furnished in the purest English style.

However, this extraordinary home is not accessible to all budgets! It costs between € 2700 and € 4000 per week, depending on the time of year! If you have the chance to stay in this house one day it would be a shame to forget your camera. The view must be breathtaking …