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On Tuesday, March 23rd, OnePlus unveiled two new flagships, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, which sold for 719 and 919 euros, respectively. However, if the manufacturer has always seduced consumers with its smartphones that offer great value for money, then caution should be exercised if you are planning on getting one of these new additions from the brand.

Like their predecessors, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are equipped with high-end components. However, when the manufacturer claims on its official website and on Amazon that these smartphones support 5G, the reality is not what one might think. As BFMTV reports, the manufacturer OnePlus has admitted that not all customers can benefit from 5G connectivity. Explanations.

In the end, is the OnePlus 9 really a good choice?

Indeed, OnePlus recently stated that its new smartphones must be compatible with 5G Free and Bouygues Telecom when they were released in March. However, they won’t be compatible with the Orange network until mid-April. Same situation for SFR except that the manufacturer did not give a deadline for this. And that’s not the only problem with these smartphones.

Indeed, OnePlus seems to be moving further and further away from the French market and its consumers. The reason for this is that a few months ago the company laid off all French employees and the brand’s products also disappeared from the stores of the French operators with whom it was partners, in particular Bouygues Telecom and Free.

This removal of OnePlus from the French market is also having an impact on French consumers, as they could be deprived of after-sales services, software updates and certain important functions of OnePlus smartphones such as 5G compatibility.

OnePlus is reassuring

At the moment, the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus assures that this will not be the case. OnePlus informed the BMFTV that French consumers will continue to be treated like other European consumers. In addition, the manufacturer added that it has committed to setting the terms for 5G coverage on its website and with its partners in the coming days.

I have the 5g at Bouygues with my 8 Pro

– 1-nG (@ 1nG80843789), March 16, 2021

Even without considering these issues, the performance and security of these smartphones can raise questions as these new smartphones have already experienced minor bugs in their system. However, it seems that OnePlus has already rolled out a security patch to fix these bugs while improving the overall performance of smartphones.

A problem that also affects other models.

Compatibility concerns unfortunately seem to affect other older models of the brand like the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, as well as the Oneplus Nord (the latter seems to have gone away from 5G compatible phones in some stores).

At the time of writing, these models are not yet compatible with the high-speed network offered by SFR or Orange, although they are well labeled as 5G … we also contacted Orange through a store that doesn’t seem to have any understanding of where the problem is coming from … On the contrary, 5G seems to work with Free and Bouygue Telecom, who use the old bands for their networks.

A problem that also affects other models such as the OnePlus 8. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / NYC Russ

While 5G has been available for several months, many users are also complaining on official forums in order for the company to meet its commitments. Oddly enough, if you look at the various comparisons available on the internet, Oneplus phones generally top the list of “best 5G smartphones” … On our side, we contacted Amazon about customer service and we explained the problem to them. We had no problem getting a full refund on our purchase, which was almost a year ago …

Photo credit: Alexandre for the Neozone

We also reached out to OnePlus for answers before posting this article. Your very concise answer doesn’t really tell us about the situation… ”So here are the current dates: Series 8 (including 8T) and Series 9: Free and Bouygues: already working. Orange and SFR: tests are in progress. I don’t have any final information about the North series yet… ”, explains Julie Arsac, PR Manager at OnePlus Europe.

In conclusion, you should know that there are tutorials out there that can help you tweak your devices. We have not tested them and recommend that you use them with extreme caution …

Article by Alexia and Alexandre.