The King’s Throne: Burger King unveils a massaging gaming chair with a button on which burgers can be delivered

Photo credit: Burger King

The fast food brand Burger King is a fan of harrowing and sometimes somewhat unconventional statements … Last February, they supported the potato producers by offering a kilo to each menu. In July 2020, they offered the Croissan’wich, a vegetarian burger in a French croissant.

The American giant returns this time with an accessory that should appeal to crazy gamers who have their meals in front of the console! A gaming chair that can be ordered for you at the push of a button! Fast food stores love this type of advertising! Think of the Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket!

Burger King is therefore launching a new advertising campaign aimed directly at gamers … The brand presents a state-of-the-art gaming chair with a little something extra associated with the brand: the command button! On the menu of the armchair, folding tray, cooling glass shelf (obviously), massage through built-in pillows, LEDs that light up when you emerge victorious from a fight …

But it also includes a button in the colors of Burger King! One push of a button, one order from BK (for close friends)! And you won’t even let go of your controller to watch the delivery man arrive … the pillow will vibrate to let you know it’s at your door!

Do you like this chair and do you want to buy it? Missing, it’s an advertisement for the brand and it’s being offered to 9 famous players in the field … On the other hand, you may be the only lucky one who owns this chair if you’re the lucky winner of the competition that gets the nine players in Organize cooperation with Burger King!

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