The Maersk transporter presents its first environmentally friendly container ship … at sea from 2023

Maritime transport is essential for the various businesses between the continents. The ships that provide the link between the producing countries of Asia and the consuming countries of Europe are monstrous in size … Maritime transport is one of the cheapest there is, but it is also very polluting.

And as traffic increases, marine pollution becomes a major problem. The Danish giant Maersk should be able to offer an environmentally friendly supercargo from 2023! Maersk has already sold its polluting oil sector to Total in 2017, resulting in a 42% decrease in emissions! And he’s not planning to stop there!

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) is the body responsible for ensuring the safety of maritime traffic. It is also responsible for monitoring pollution from this commercial mode of transport. And in 2018 it warned that ocean freight is responsible for 2.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. But even these emissions had risen by 8% in just 5 years.

A world first

In order to contain the problem, Maersk is announcing the construction of the first container ship that runs entirely on biomethanol and is guaranteed to be oil-free! It will be able to store 2,000 containers over 180 m in length … “Classic” freighters can load up to 4,000 containers. For the distance, it seems that it could connect Le Havre to the United States, i.e. 4,000 nautical miles without any pollution.

“Our ambition to have a climate-neutral fleet by 2050 was a real moon when we announced it in 2018. Today we see it as an ambitious goal, but one that is achievable. Company boss Søren Skou explains in an official statement.

Maersk container ship (photo illustration). Photo credit: Shutterstock / ArnoudNL

The IMO had set the date 2030 so that the supercargos would no longer pollute … so 7 years in advance for Maersk! The Danish company is currently working on the development of environmentally friendly methanol, an alternative fuel based on hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia.

Today is a pretty amazing day for the team here. We have accelerated our net zero strategy and committed ourselves to order ONLY climate-neutral ships from now on, starting with a methanol ship in 2023. So proud of the @ maersk team !!! #ThisIsNotAMoonShot #Leadership

– Simon Bergulf @ (@Bergcube), February 17, 2021

However, there are still many developments as only the smallest ships will benefit from the system at the moment. Maersk’s CEO estimates an entire Zero Carbon fleet will be achieved by 2050.

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