The most important thing to know before renting your first apartment

Are you renting your first apartment right away? For this new experience to be a success, you must not go blind. There are a few important things to know about renting accommodation. Don’t panic, we’re here to guide you! This article will tell you the basics you need to know before renting your first apartment.

The search and choice of apartment

The first step is to find the apartment of your dreams. To do this, you can contact a professional rental agency or consult the advertisements between individuals. Going through an agency is generally easier. You will have access to additional offers and the organization will perform the reviews and specific procedures for you. In return, you have to pay agency fees, which are usually more or less a month’s rent.

If you find an apartment through someone, you need to contact the owner directly. Without an agency to act as an intermediary, you will have to fend for yourself, but most of the time the owner can guide you through the procedures. However, be careful, if the person is not completely honest or well-intentioned, they may try to take advantage of your inexperience.

Visiting the property is essential for choosing your apartment. Try not to get overwhelmed by enthusiasm and keep a critical eye. Pay close attention to the following points:

The general condition of the apartment; The orientation of the facades; Natural light; The degree of isolation; Traces of moisture or damage; Etc.

Include as much information as you can to assess the pros and cons of each apartment you visit. This prevents you from getting a nasty surprise after moving in.

The lease and the amount of the rent

There are two main types of leases: furnished or unfurnished. These two types of leases are regulated by law and the minimum rental period and the notice period are therefore predefined.

Furnished flats

A furnished rental agreement must last at least a year. During this time, the owner cannot ask you to leave the apartment (except in the case of an unpaid rent procedure). However, you can leave at any time with one month’s notice.

Unfurnished apartments

The minimum term of a rental and rental agreement for an unfurnished apartment is three years and the notice period is extended to three months.

With regard to rent, note that there are areas where rent is regulated. In this case, check that the proposed rental complies with the applicable regulations. Also, take a close look at what is included in the amount of the rent and any fees.

Home insurance

Did you know that it is compulsory to insure your home? You can anticipate the steps and conclude the contract at the same time as your rental agreement. If you choose one
100% digital insurer for your tenant home insurance, it is possible to receive an offer in a few minutes …

Depending on the options you choose, your tenant insurance can protect you from theft, fire, water damage, natural disasters and much more. At Lemonade, you can also choose the coverage limits that suit you.

The bills

Before you can move into your new home, there are certain contracts you need to enter into on your behalf. The most important are probably electricity, gas and water. Take these steps ahead of time to anticipate turnaround times, especially if the property has been unoccupied for some time. Indeed, the water, gas and electricity supplies may have been cut.

Social support

The government offers social benefits to help individuals obtain and finance rental housing.

For example, you cannot specify the guarantor you want for the placement? You can then contact the Visale system managed by Action Logement. The organization can thus vouch for you with the landlord.

You may also be able to get help finding accommodation. Make an appointment or run an online simulation with the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) at your place of residence. If you are eligible, once you move in, take the necessary steps as soon as possible. It may take some time to update your file before you can get first aid.

Renting your first home is a big step. By following the tips above, you will avoid problems and disappointments. You now have all the cards at hand to start a new adventure in your own apartment!