The Netherlands is the first country without an abandoned dog! An example for everyone!

There is a country in Europe that can boast of not having an abandoned dog! Certainly at the expense of very strict government guidelines, but the result is there! In France abandonment causes thousands of small innocent victims tied to a tree each year. Or abandoned in a haven for dubious pretexts …

Our dogs trust us indefinitely and are there when we are not feeling well! And yet some still consider them commodities and brutally give them up. That time is over in the Netherlands! An example that all countries in the world should follow. Explanations.

600 million! This is a priori the number of stray dogs in the world! And countries don’t really have policies that prevent leaving! The animal cause doesn’t seem to be at the center of political issues, and that’s a shame!

The Dutch program!

The Netherlands has therefore set up a program called CNVR (Collect, Neutrum, Vaccinate, Return) to collect, sterilize, vaccinate, identify and return! This program is based on the following pillars:

Leaving an animal is punishable by a fine of € 16,000 and a prison sentence of 3 years. Spaying or neutering your animal is compulsory and FREE. Massive awareness campaigns have also been carried out! A relatively high tax has been introduced for owners who buy purebred dogs (bred only). Photo credit: Shutterstock / Yuliya Evstratenko

And the effects seem almost immediate! Fewer dogs breed on the streets. More abandoned dogs are adopted.

An association approved program!

For example, the Animal Foundation approves this program and estimates that it is possible to control the population of stray animals if 70% of the animals in an area are neutered.

Even if this has to be subject to strict guidelines, there is an urgent need to respond to the dropouts … Summer is approaching and the dropouts will unfortunately be resumed! If only the existing governments could follow the example of the Dutch!