The nine-year-old deaf boy wins the international competition with an Iron Man-inspired invention

You probably don’t know, but February 25th was International Cochlear Implants Day … If the name doesn’t ring, it won’t be Gonzalo, a 9-year-old boy with severe hearing impairment. Today Gonzalo has a cochlear implant and his dream is to do something for children who cannot hear well …

Like him ! He has just won the international “Ideas para Listen” competition with an invention inspired by superheroes. He “just” invented a hearing solution for children like him. Presentation.

An assistant built into a cochlear implant

A cochlear implant is an electronic implant that can provide a certain level of hearing. Surgically placed electrodes stimulate the nerve endings of the cochlea. The aim of the competition is to encourage children between the ages of 6 and 12 to come up with ideas that will improve the lives of the hearing impaired.

When Gonzalo initially imagines a helmet to be used in sports, he eventually finds his invention by watching a superhero movie. And it was Iron Man who inspired his brilliant idea because he too needed a personal assistant for his implant! He baptizes him Rondis instead of Jarvis like Iron Man and sets off on an adventure. “Just like Iron Man has JARVIS, his artificial intelligence assistant, I would like to have RONDIS, an assistant that is integrated into my RONDO 2,” the child explains in the newspaper

Rondis’ personal assistant

Specifically, Rondis is a personal assistance system that is managed by artificial intelligence. This is built into the implant that it has. The assistant can give him the time, the weather forecast or remind him of an important appointment. But also and above all, receiving messages from his parents and listening, just listening … Something he can only do with great difficulty.

He wins a competition with an invention inspired by Iron Man.

– Alexandre (@ Ar4kiel) February 28, 2021

“Some examples of what he could do would be to tell me the weather in the morning, remind me what to do on my schedule, receive messages directly from my parents, or control the volume based on ambient noise (. ..) I have hearing loss and having technology like RONDO 2 in my ear is almost like a superpower because I can do something with it that I couldn’t do before: listen. If the technology advances, I could do a lot more. ” The young Géo Trouvetou explains.

According to Gonzalo’s mother, it would be a clever mix between Amazon’s Alexa and a superhero. The Rondis may not be created right away, but Gonzalo is certain that his invention will one day exist. It would be of real help to all children who have a cochlear implant. And we can only wish it created ASAP!

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