The oldest brewery in the world is in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism made a big announcement on Saturday February 13th. In fact, he announced on Facebook that “the joint Egyptian-American archaeological mission, led by Dr. Matthew Adams of New York University and Dr. Deborah Vischak of Princeton University in North Abydos, has discovered what is considered the oldest High production brewery is considered in the world “.

Apparently, archaeologists found this brewery at the Abydos burial site in southern Egypt. According to the general secretary of the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities, Mostafa Waziry, it could be that this brewery dates from the time of King Narmer. This overlord ruled Egypt over 5,000 years ago, united Upper and Lower Egypt and founded the First Dynasty.

This brewery produced 22,400 liters of beer in a single production

According to the press release, British archaeologists were aware of the existence of this brewery as early as the early 20th century. The situation remained a mystery, however, until the joint Egyptian-American team finally discovered it. This team even discovered what was in this highly productive brewery.

As Waziry explains, it was divided into eight large beer production units, and each sector contained around 40 earthenware glasses arranged in two rows. To shape the beer, grain and water were heated in the vats and each basin was held in place by clay levers arranged vertically in the form of rings. According to Dr. Matthew Adams’ research found that 22,400 liters of beer are produced on a large scale at one time.

الكشف عن ما يعتقد انه أقدم ل اصناعة الجعة بأبيدوستوصلت البعثة الأثرية المصرية الأمريكية المشتركة ر،ة…

Posted by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques Saturday ارة السياحة والآثار on Saturday 13th February 2021

A beer used in sacrificial rites

Regarding the destination of this beer, the Ministry of Tourism states in the press release that the brewery may have been built to facilitate the royal rituals that took place in the funeral homes of the kings of Egypt. Especially since excavations have revealed evidence of the use of beer in sacrificial rites.

In any case, this brewery is the newest discovery in Abydos, which has already revealed many treasures over the years. The site is famous not only for its temples, but also for the surprising discoveries archaeologists made there as the first known example of an ancient Egyptian solar barge, updated in 2000 and believed to date from the first Pharaonic dynasty. He is 5000 years old.

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