The registry office refuses to let Lily, an 8-year-old transgender child, change her first name

The essential lily, eight years old, lives in the Vaucluse department. “Locked up” in the body of a boy, she feels like a girl and wants to change her first name. His parents have initiated proceedings at the registry office, but the administration refuses to make any changes.

In her daily life she is only known as “Lily”. In class with his family and friends. But for civil status, this eight-year-old child who lives in the Vaucluse department still bears the first name assigned to her at birth.

Lily is a transgender child; a girl imprisoned in a boy’s body. His parents have taken steps with the registry office so that their child can change his first name and administratively call himself “Lily”. According to the RMC, the government, under the supervision of the Carpentras (Vaucluse) prosecutor, stubbornly opposed any change. Indeed, he demanded evidence that Lily had begun a gradual transformation of the boyish body from that of a girl. However, under French law, it is still possible to change your first name without changing your gender.

“Take doors and winch”

“I was surprised,” said the little girl. “We feel like we are constantly taking the winds (on the part of the registry office, editor’s note), while the people we meet have unlimited support and understanding in our daily lives. It’s just the administration. And then what’s really amazing is the difference in treatment from one region to another, “said Chrystelle, Lily’s mother at RMC.

Lilie’s parents have the opportunity to appeal this decision in court, as well as before a family judge. The Aubagne Academy inspection revealed that the little girl was eligible to use her new first name to return to the CE2 class.

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