The singer Yseult offers us a lesson in journalism and accuses the world of wanting to “hurt” her

the essentials On May 30th, Le Monde offered an interview with the singer Yseult in its supplement L’Epoque. If the young woman borrowed to play, today she denounces a portrait that is supposed to harm her. She and her many fans have not faded since then.

“I invite you and I suggest that you rewrite your article completely”, the Twitter message from the singer Yseult against a journalist from Le Monde is unequivocal and violent. The female revelation of the last Victoires de la musique castigates a portrait of our colleague Jane Roussel: a treatment that the singer perceives as discriminatory.

“I am an amazing obese woman who loves and hates myself”

The paper “An aperitif with Yseult:” I am an unbelievable woman, obese, who loves and hates myself “makes it possible to discover a young business woman who is confident and controls her image with her finger and eye.” Me would like to have the right to look at these photos, “she asks the photographer who is shooting her portrait for the newspaper. Rejection from the journalist.

The singer believes that only her physique and character were highlighted. “Le Monde, I feel compelled to share our hour-long interview publicly. Jeanne Roussel, what do you think? What is your goal? Harm me? Fortunately, I record all of my written interviews. To be continued, ”she tweeted. Be continued…

“It is important for an artist to have a right of control”

In the magazine Nylon the young woman gives the rush of the interview. Yseult who will teach us a journalistic lesson in his right to answer. “I think it is important that an artist can have a say in his pictures and words when such dishonest texts are published. It’s a basic right. After all, we are the content that these media offer their readers. ”Before I finish,“ I want to freeze everything, and in the future if I have to speak to convey an important message to my audience or the universe, I will become the medium choose the journalist and I would have my supervisory rights. “

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