The sun will burn the earth up in a billion years, NASA says

Researchers have announced that the sun will remove all oxygen from the earth and destroy it by 1,000,002,021. According to these scientists, this deoxygenation will be an inevitable consequence of the increase in solar flux to the extent that in a billion years solar radiation will reach a point of no return for our atmosphere and destroy all life on earth.

In a recently published scientific study, the team of scientists and NASA partners declare that in the distant future the earth will no longer be able to support life, at least as we know it.

The beginning of the end for our planet?

To arrive at this conclusion, the scientists used an algorithm that they used to model and run hundreds of thousands of simulations. Tohoku University said in a press release that “modeling the future evolution of the earth is inherently associated with uncertainties about geological and biological changes.” Therefore, the scientists took a stochastic approach to get a likely estimate of the lifetime of an oxygen-containing atmosphere.

If we do nothing, the earth will lose its habitability much sooner

Tohoku University’s assistant professor Kazumi Ozaki tested over 400,000 different models and found that the oxygen in our atmosphere only lasted for a billion years before quickly becoming depleted of oxygen and turning the earth upside down before the great oxidation event happened 2.5 billion years ago.

Tohoku University ran over 400,000 different models and determined that the oxygen in our atmosphere would only last a billion years. Photo credit: Shutterstock /

“We find that future deoxygenation is an inevitable consequence of increased solar fluxes, as its precise timing is modulated by the flow of reducing the current exchange between the mantle and the crustal system between the ocean, atmosphere and atmosphere. “Explained the researchers in their study, which was published on the Nature website

However, scientists point out that this forecast does not take into account climate change, which could accelerate this deadline. As a result, we have a billion years at best to reverse the trend and find a solution so that our oxygen doesn’t go away and our solar star doesn’t swallow us, and at worst, when global warming rises the crescendo, this fateful event could do a lot happen earlier than expected.