The TFC heals his wounds and sees Clermont move away

Published on 04/26/2021 11:06 PM

Badly hit by the Covid in recent weeks, there are still uncertainties about the shape of the workforce in Toulouse, which was used in a breathless home stretch for direct promotion to Ligue 1. And that Monday night, Clermont, their direct opponents, won the game late. Toulouse remains 3rd in the overall standings, but is now 4 points behind the Auvergnats.

According to our information, yesterday morning 13 professional players who took part in training under the direction of Patrice Garande were certainly more than twice as many in front of little Lucarne last night to watch the match of their direct competitor for the second time, which means direct promotion . Third and final count: how many Toulouse residents will be available for the trip up …

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