The vaccination against Covid-19 was extended this Saturday to all adults with a fragile factor, i.e. H. 4 million people

The essentials All adults suffering from obesity, diabetes, kidney or heart failure and cancer can be vaccinated against Covid-19 from this Saturday May 1st.

Health Minister Olivier Véran announced this Friday, April 30th, that the vaccination against Covid-19 “from Saturday (note: May 1st)” will be extended to all “fragile” French adults, including overweight people who have diabetes, kidney or heart failure and cancer.

President Emmanuel Macron announced in the regional press on Thursday April 29th that vaccination would be open to all people over the age of 18 with obesity.

“But we are of course also opening the vaccination to people with comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney or heart failure or cancer,” said Olivier Véran on franceinfo. “In total, we are expanding vaccination to around 4 million fragile French people,” he added.

So far, adults under the age of 50 could only be vaccinated if they were at “very high risk of a severe form of Covid-19”, e.g. B. People undergoing treatment with cancer.

On June 15, all adults in France can be vaccinated against Covid-19, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron said on Twitter on Friday April 30th.

In the past few days, many voices have been heard demanding that France open the floodgates of vaccination wide.

This has been the case since Friday April 30th in much of the overseas territories (including Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana) where all adults can be vaccinated.

Nationwide, more than 15 million people have received a first injection (29% of the adult population), of whom 6.2 million have been fully vaccinated (9.3% of the total population, 11.9% of the adult population).

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