“The worst students are the blacks”: A Paris business school teacher forgets his microphone, he is fired

The Basics A temporary teacher at a business school in Paris told an interviewer that “black students are the worst”. He forgot to mute his microphone after a correspondence course. He was dismissed.

The verdict hit a number of students. At the end of a distance learning course, the students from Inseec, a business school in Paris, were amazed to hear their temporary teacher say that “the worst students” [qu’il a] eu are black.

The teacher forgot to turn off his microphone at the end of the class. One of the interlocutors with whom he spoke then replied: “Blacks are terrible”.

A student then steps in and says to them, “We have heard enough of your conversation. I don’t know if it was done on purpose. I can’t go on.” She sends an email to the teaching assistant at the business school. She asks him to take “the necessary measures”. The recording of the conversation will be published on social networks.

Insec’s management responded in a press release on Friday. The comments are clearly racist and unacceptable, the statement said. They violate the laws of the republic, the values ​​of our civilization, to which we as an educational group are bound and which we want to convey to our students. “

INSEEC U. dismisses a temporary teacher for his comments and condemns all forms of racism. You can find a press release on our website: https://t.co/vz7snydt6H

– INSEEC U. (@INSEEC_U) April 30, 2021

The business school has decided to terminate the substitute teacher’s contract immediately. This case could be pursued in court.

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