The young couple leaves everything behind to Ariège: They find themselves without a house or drinking water to live in a van

the basics Aurore and Marius, a young couple in their thirties from Gironde, gave up everything to realize their dream in Ariège: to set up an educational farm and create a tavern with healthy and local products. But that dream was shattered. The couple now lives in a van with their five-year-old daughter.

Her dream came to an end and stayed for more than two months in a small van at the end of the small village of Fougax-et-Barrineuf in the Pays d’Olmes in Ariège. The view of Montsegur is pretty nice from the windows of their makeshift accommodations. But this little treat does not make up for the immense disappointment of Aurore and Marius, who left the Gironde to live their passion for nature in Ariège.

A long journey with all of their belongings in boxes until they are faced with a house that is in a flood zone, but three months a year with no drinking water. “Details” that you only got to know after signing with the notary. The only consolation was that the sale was canceled on time and the deposit paid could be reclaimed. In the meantime, the couple had managed to find out more about the reality of this property. “Run away, you can’t do anything with that,” even a real estate professional advised them.

The house would be in a floodplain. Something future buyers didn’t know came about almost by accident while meeting a real estate agent.

What remains is the anger of the young couple who start collecting documents to file a complaint. “Much was hidden from us during our conversations and our two home visits, Marius and Aurore emphasize. The PPRN document” [plan de prévention des risques naturels, NDLR] was out of date: no mention was made of the house being in a red zone and at risk of flooding. In 2014 it was even flooded with water. Nothing on the subject of drinking water either. You have to pick up bottles at the town hall three months a year. We had the project to rent lodges and two apartments all year round. We understand that this is not possible. And nothing about the actual condition of the house, we went from surprise to surprise. “Unpleasant surprises: a roof that needs to be replaced, a sanitary facility that no longer meets the standards … The quotes n ‘submitted at the time of sale were not reliable.

The young couple and their five-year-old daughter have therefore been living in a converted van on land borrowed from the town hall of Fougax-et-Barrineuf for two months. “We are on the street, at thirty, they say. We no longer have an address: We registered with the communal social action center to receive our mail there …” Not always easy. Their little girl could be enrolled in the town’s school. The couple parked their van on land with the consent of the community while they searched for a new drop-off point. But it’s not that easy.

Marius was a bartender in luxury bars, Aurore was a master tailor. They had decided to settle in the countryside to create an activity close to nature: an educational farm, the sale of agricultural products, a sanctuary for injured or confiscated animals, a tavern in the summer … farmland from 5 to 10 hectares to order to create this activity. And they dedicate their days to this, going from village to village … initially without success. Searching for days before they find their van with a view of Montsegur in the evening.

The owner assures that he has not hidden anything

The homeowner, for his part, denies trying to hide the truth from future buyers. “What would have been my interest? he asks. And how could I have done that? I’m not a lawyer, a diagnostician, or a real estate agent. Of course I want to sell this house, but I want that too so this young couple will find a place to settle down. It shouldn’t be easy for them “. Regarding the classification of the house in a flood area, he is said to have contacted the town hall of Bélesta, where it is located:” The answer was that this house was not in a flood area, “he adds “I lived there with five children for years without any problems,” concludes the fifty-year-old. The notary, for his part, refused to answer our questions: “I have nothing to say to you. I am bound by professional secrecy. I’m doing my job. I’ve been working for fifty years. Notary so there is no problem. I don’t fit into this type of system. “The lawyer refrained from commenting on the couple’s complaint:” You can do what you want, there is no problem “.

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