These solar panels are in space and send electricity all over the world!

What if in a few years our electricity came to us … from space? In any case, American scientists are trying to achieve this! Install solar panels in space to return electricity to Earth.

It would probably not be to continuously supply part of the world, but rather, for example, emergency power in the event of natural disasters. This panel, or rather this “photovoltaic high-frequency antenna module (PRAM)” was launched in May 2020 on the X-37B drone, the Pentagon’s top-secret drone … Does that mean that electricity really comes from space?

Specifically, the space solar panel captures the blue light of space. This blue light does not go through the atmosphere. The US military has only sent one copy of this pizza board so far. However, the US Air Force has been working on supplying the earth with energy from space since 2019! PRAM rotates around the earth in 90 minutes and, thanks to a sophisticated system, can convert the captured blue light into terrestrial electricity.

A very small panel is working at the moment

For this purpose, according to CNN, the satellite would collect solar energy with a photovoltaic module on one of the sides. This energy would then be directed through the center of the panel to be converted into high frequency signals. On the other hand, an antenna would send energy back to earth.

A very small panel is working at the moment. 3D illustration photo. Image credit: Shutterstock / 3Dsculptor

Currently the panel can only generate 10 watts of power, enough to charge your smartphone. However, this reveals new possibilities from space. And especially for places around the world that don’t have a terrestrial power supply.

At the moment, scientists are working on being able to send electricity in the event of natural disasters that rob different places in the world at any given time! The electrical work from space has barely started, but can we perhaps hope for a solution within a few decades?

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