They kidnap and torture an innocent man near Toulouse: 7 years in prison

The main three men were tried by the criminal court in Toulouse on Thursday. In December 2018, they abducted and tortured a person despite not being targeted during the punitive expedition.

He went through hell. A 30-year-old man kidnapped and tortured for several hours miraculously escaped in Carbonne, near Toulouse, on December 2, 2018. Following this savage aggression, the three authors, aged 35 to 48, were quickly arrested by investigators from the Muret Research Brigade, supported by GIGN.

The trio were tried in the criminal court in Toulouse this Thursday, March 18. “My client is not there because he is still too traumatized to face his executioners. I remind you that he is an innocent person in this story,” Judith Amalric-Zermati explains to me for the civil party.

The story of a vehicle sold

In 2018, two customers went to an auto repair shop in Carbonne to buy a vehicle. You drove a used car for 2,500 euros. A few days after the deal, the two buyers returned to the garage asking for a refund, which the seller declined despite threats.

Several months passed without the two people’s anger subsiding, and they decided to seek revenge. On December 2, 2018, around 6 a.m., they visited this mechanic and entered his house, armed with a knife and a telescopic staff. The sound wakes the mechanic’s brother, who goes down the stairs and faces the two intruders. These men realize that the owner of the premises is not there and decide to attack his little brother.

The mechanic’s brother accidentally aimed

“My client was beaten very quickly for no reason, he didn’t know anything, but you tortured him,” the civil party assured. The victim is badly beaten for two hours: “They stabbed him, his hand was stabbed by the blade. They even got him to lick the windshield before he tried to cut it off. Language,” recalls Me Amalric -Zermati. The mechanic’s brother was then taken to an isolated location where the torture continued. “One of you burned him with a cigarette, you put it on his body, it’s awful.” His ordeal ended around 8 a.m. when he was abandoned by the roadside.

“Heavy” requirements according to defense

In the face of this relentless violence, prosecutors requested 7 years’ imprisonment for the two main assailants and 4 years, two of which were suspended for an accomplice responsible for overseeing the area. “They don’t take into account the personality of these gentlemen who have never caused a problem before. These requirements are disproportionate,” said Robin Sénie-Delon on defense.

The court obeyed the requirements and sentenced the defendants to seven years ‘imprisonment and their accomplices to four years’ imprisonment, two of which were suspended. A decision that made the family of the convicted sick, some members were outraged and had to be led to the exit of the courthouse.