They offer asphalt works: counterfeit Irish bitumen arrested in the Lot

The Basics In a purposely ironic tone, but with the satisfaction of a smoothly carried out mission, the Lot gendarmes recount the attempted fraud of the Irish bitumers who sell asphalt mixes that are as fraudulent as they are very expensive. No St. Patrick’s Day for these suspected crooks who were rampant in Castelfranc.

The Lot gendarmes have the humor to announce the return of the Irish bitumers and to describe the procedure of these crooks, which the police of course take very seriously despite the bright tone used.

“This March 17th we wish all Irish people a happy St. Patrick’s Day, except … bitumers of the same nationality,” they say.

Then the Lot gendarmes say, apart from mockery: “Wednesday morning, around 11:30 am, individuals recruited people in the city of Castelfranc on board a blue Opel Movano delivery van. “”

Misleading and threatening speech

“This group of people breaks free from the rules of labor law and is crossing France. It appeals to individuals and professionals by offering asphalt works. With deceptive and sometimes threatening speeches, the services offered are of poor quality and disproportionate costs ”, the gendarmes from Lotois continued, describing the deceitful attempts of these men.

Most of the time, the fake bitumers argue with their words and try to justify their suggestion by taking advantage of a public construction site in the city preparing to crack down. They then claim to have an excess of tar and go to individuals’ homes in the hopes that they will “benefit” from their expertise and a good layer of asphalt.

The bill can then be very salty for a bad job as these unscrupulous people have no expertise in the matter. The gendarmes are particularly vigilant in the face of this new form of fraud, but the steam is running out as it is repeated and is now known all over France.

Arrested and heard in the Puy-l’Évêque Gendarmerie

The outcome of this affair can only satisfy the police, who come to the conclusion: “This Wednesday morning, their campaigning in the Castelfranc sector in the premises of the Puy-l’Évêque gendarmerie ended. “”

Obviously there was no place on the menu in front of this gendarmerie where the soldiers did not roll out the red carpet for these alleged crooks of the asphalt who could not escape.