ThiefShell: A Lyon resident invents an anti-theft device and an autonomous shell!

According to the government website Vie Publique, 95% of the French have a cell phone … We therefore fear 95% of the theft of this object, which for some is a real safe! If a smartphone is stolen, the photos disappear, including the bank details!

And if, unfortunately, you don’t have a pin code or diagram, thieves have the option to do whatever they want with it. And despite the latest technology, it is almost impossible to find a stolen phone! There are tracking applications, of course, but the phone must be on … and a thief’s first reflex is to turn off the phone … back to the first point!

There is nothing convincing against theft

Current anti-theft measures all require a Bluetooth connection or pairing with another device. But it may just be a bad memory soon. Indeed, a French company is inventing a new hull called the Thiefshell, which is currently in a participatory campaign on Ulule.

What is ThiefShell?

ThiefShell was invented by Sébastien Favier and is an autonomous mobile protective cover for geolocation over cellular networks. Specifically, it works thanks to a compression lock. And with a unique key! There is therefore no application to download. It would be enough to equip your smartphone with this shell and in case of theft, use another phone to send an SMS to your shell containing a unique phone number from Saphelec (SFR Business).

An autonomous mobile protective cover with geolocation according to the cellular network. Photo credit: Sébastien Favier / ThiefShell

Here are the different SMS codes you can send to your phone:

“GPS” The fuselage responds with a Google Maps link of its current position. “BEEP” The fuselage emits a loud beep. “STOP” to stop. “HELP” The shell sends you the list of available commands.

Thief bowl, how much does it cost?

Two models are currently the subject of a patent pending at INPI … Marketing is possible as soon as the electronic prototypes have successfully passed all the required tests!

To support the crowdfunding campaign and get a case for your smartphone, you need to invest € 49. The release is scheduled for July 2024 and it should obviously be possible at the time of shipping to choose the model that will fit your current smartphone. A great idea that should make it possible not to reduce theft, but to make your smartphone easier to find!