This amazing and luxurious little house comes with a Japanese copper tub

Even if the principle of a tiny house is to be minimalist and close to nature … To use ecological systems such as water collectors or dry toilets … However, a tiny house can also be luxurious and benefit from extraordinary furnishings. Certainly purists will see a chalet worthy of Gstaad rather than a classic little house, but apparently this interests some …

Maybe those who want a small home without losing their daily comforts? In Ontario, a luxury little house now costs around $ 160,000, while it started out at just $ 55,000! And it’s for sale! Discovery.

This tiny house near Guelph, Ontario is first and foremost a micro-home. But the designer decided to equip it with luxurious elements that cannot even be found in a classic house! Called The Primrose, it’s the work of Tea Cup Tiny Homes and is meant for an owner who previously lived in Toronto, explains the Blogto site.

A small round window above the dining area lets light into the house. It has three independent sleeping areas. The dining area can accommodate up to 5 people to share a meal with friends.

Three independent sleeping areas. Photo credit: Teacup Tiny Homes

Angela wanted her little house like in her dreams and she paid the price! She chose a tiny house because she just wanted a pied-à-terre to rest between trips. The tiny house is 10 m long, 3 m wide and 4 m high, which is the size of a tiny house. Inside, Angela’s house has space for 5 people and one of the beds is a hydraulic elevator that obviously doesn’t take up any space!

The tiny house has a gorgeous double-walled Japanese copper bathtub! Photo credit: Teacup Tiny Homes

But the highlight of the show is probably in the bathroom! The tiny house has a gorgeous double-walled Japanese copper bathtub! These bathtubs store heat thanks to their double wall. To keep the spirit of the tiny house in spite of everything, there are composting toilets and solar panels. At the moment the heating source is a gas boiler while the panels are waiting to be installed. A small wood stove serves as additional heating.

On the kitchen side, convenience also offers a copper sink, dishwasher and washer-dryer for laundry. A bit expensive maybe for a small house, but what is certain is that it is great!

The tiny house is 10 m long, 3 m wide and 4 m high. Photo credit: Teacup Tiny Homes