This association collects soaps from hotels, recycles them and distributes them to those in need.

When you go to the hotel, every time you find cosmetic products like soaps in your room … and when you go you are either one of those who take them to use or you leave them in the door. Soap. And those who stay go in the trash!

A monumental waste that represents around 51 million soaps thrown away in France every year. Still, the soap is easy to process and recycle! Unisoap is an association based in Lyon and its mission is to collect hotel soap to give to those who need it! Presentation.

According to Pauline Grumel, founder of the Unisoap association, there are two contradictions:

Pauline therefore decided to make this “wasted market” her main activity. 150 hotels responded to his call, which enabled Unisoap to collect 6 tons of soap in just 3 years. For the Radisson Blu in Lyon, for example, the collection was 300 kilos!

Unisoap has collected 6 tons of soap in just 3 years. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Altin Osmanaj

And these soaps are used very little! You should also know that with the Covid crisis, even if products are not used, they can no longer be used by the next customer … Hotels therefore throw away products that are still intact. By legal obligation.

Unisoap works with an ESAT

This association not only pursues an ecological, but also a social approach! In fact, it is an ESAT (Etablissement et Services d’Aide par le Travail) in Vaulx-en-Velin that cleans white soaps with the help of frugality and rubbing.

The soaps are then passed through a crusher and then melted into bars of soap. These bars are cut into 100 gram soap and then distributed to associations. The soaps produced obviously correspond to the current health standards! We always think of “food” during collection, but hygiene is almost as important to people in need, and at the expense of certain cosmetics we can understand that food is privileged. 150 hotels are not enough, all hotels in France should help!