This scientific study explains why it is important to pet your dog before leaving …

See you later my baby Mom and Dad are coming back! Be wise, we won’t have long! Apparently his words could be the ones we say to a child who is dropped off at daycare … but let’s be realistic, they are also the ones that are spoken when we close the door of his house and leave his dog there .. .

Some behaviorists don’t take this idea very positively. However, a recent study shows that it would be good for the dog’s mental balance to talk to him before he walks away. This study will reassure more than one person about their sanity compared to their dog! Decryption!

What do dogs do when they walk?

Apparently and ultimately quite logically, they are looking for you and it seems to upset them! Doesn’t he give you his sad eyes when you put on your coat or your shoes? And doesn’t he give you a crazy party even if you’re only gone ten minutes? If he does not seem to have a human awareness of the passage of time, he has that of loneliness! According to this study, if you hug him a few times before you leave, your slippers or sofa won’t be his victims!

An interesting behavioral study

This study, published on Science Direct, was carried out by researchers from the Italian universities of Pisa and Perugia. It confirms that dogs do not experience any major upheaval in our absence. But that their feelings are more manageable if we flatter them before we close the door.

To conduct their study, 10 dogs, ages 1 to 11 years old, were observed with no evidence of disproportionate attachment. The tests were carried out in an enclosed outdoor space in which the behavior of dogs was recorded.

After a walk, the dogs in the pen were left to a finder. Your heartbeat was then measured. Each dog was tested twice … a first time when his master was arguing with the researcher while ignoring him … a second time when he was given cuddles for a minute before leaving.

Saliva tests were done to measure the stress hormone. Photo credit: Shutterstock / David Charles Cottam

Test results

In the first phase, in which the handlers ignore the dogs, they searched for them for about 3 minutes. In the second phase, the petted dog did not seem to be looking for its owner.

Saliva tests were done to measure the stress hormone, but no difference was seen between the two phases. On the other hand, the heart rate appeared to be lower in the second test phases than in the first.

The Council of Researchers!

So that your dog doesn’t feel abandoned or wants to destroy the house or garden, researchers recommend preparing him for your departure an hour in advance! It seems a bit exaggerated to us, just imagine having to leave the house three times a day! Come on, at least the merit of this study is to comfort those who talk like children to their dogs before going to work!

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